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Luxury conglomerate Kering has announced that it will be returning to the Cannes International Film Festival this year, for the second edition of “Women in Motion”. The program was launched at the prestigious film festival in 2015, with the aim of supporting women who work in the film industry.
The film industry – in particular Hollywood - has come under fire recently for lack of diversity and gender inequality. By establishing “Women in Motion”, Kering wanted to create a debate and bring the issue to the foreground.  ‚Äč
There are two elements to Kering’s initiative: the first is a series of talks that runs throughout the festival. Last year a number of key industry figures too part in the debate, such as actress Isabella Rossellini and filmmaker Agnès Varda. Kering’s programme also includes the ‘Women in Motion’ Awards, scheduled to take place on the 15th May 2016. Actress Jane Fonda and producer Megan Ellison were the recipients of last year’s award. This year, one winner will be selected for their contribution to the film industry, whilst the other will be young talent that will receive financial support for a film project.    
In a statement the Chairman and CEO of Kering, François-Henri Pinault, said: “With ‘Women in Motion’ – and even more so this year, given the real support we are providing to several female directors – we are taking another step towards real awareness and tangible changes, promoting a film industry that is more representative of the richness and diversity of our societies.”
The Kering group - which has a portfolio of luxury fashion brands that includes Gucci, Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen - is deeply committed to supporting women through initiatives such as the Kering Foundation. As one of the group’s newer projects, “Women in Motion” is yet another step in the right direction in the process of establishing gender parity.