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Angela Ahrendts has had a prolific career in fashion and luxury: formerly the CEO at luxury fashion house Burberry, she now holds the title of SVP of retail and online stores at Apple. She imparts her recruitment wisdom in a piece recently published on LinkedIn, revealing how she structures the recruitment process.
When interviewing a candidate Ahrendts highlights that she likes to use a four-stage system:
Me vs We
The first step is designed to identify how candidates perceive themselves in the world surrounding them. Here, Ahrendts will ease a candidate in with some simple questions relating to their personal background, allowing them to talk about himself or herself.
IQ vs EQ
In the second section of the interview, Ahrendts seeks to understand how the candidate functions by asking behavioural questions related to a business environment: ultimately she wants to establish if they act primarily through thought or feelings.
Left Brain vs Right Brain
In the third part of the job interview, Ahrendts goes into further depth to find out how the candidate evaluates at the world: “Do they lean into analysis or their instincts? Do they get into details, or carry on a more conceptual conversation?” To really understand whether the candidate tends to use their left or right brain most, she then returns to asking more personal questions.


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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
In the final section of the interview, Ahrendts usually asks the candidate questions to find out what “frames their reference points”. She’ll examine how they consider the past and what’s their stance on the future in relation to the company they are working for.
To close the conversation, the SVP of retail at Apple does not leave her candidates in the dark about how the interview went: “If I loved them, I tell them so and say I look forward to continuing the conversation. If they are not right for the position, I think it is best to be honest while we are together so they don't get their hopes up.”
As someone with experience working and recruiting in fashion and luxury, there’s no doubt that Ahrendts’ interviewing technique is guaranteed to find the best candidate for the role in question: words of wisdom from an expert.