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What do Angela Merkel, Anna Wintour, and Beyoncé have in common?
The answer is simple. They all made it to Forbes’ list 100 Most Powerful Women for 2015, which was released earlier this week.
Ranging from entrepreneurs, to politicians and entertainment figures, the list encompasses women whose careers or social engagements have put them in the limelight and turned them into influential figures on a global scale.
The women are rated according to four key criteria: money, media presence, spheres of influence and impact.
Topping the list are politicians Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton, in first and second position respectively, both of which have repeatedly appeared in the ranking since it was created in 2004. First Lady Michelle Obama appears in tenth position. Amongst others, the list goes on to include 24 CEOs and 15 billionaires. The year also marks a record number of self-made billionaires, with a total of 10 making it to the list. 

Forbes’ list also features a number of women who have forged careers in the luxury fashion industry. It includes fashion designers Tory Burch, Diane von Furstenberg and Miuccia Prada. Meanwhile, Anna Wintour, artistic director of Condé Nast, ranks 28, and as such comes second after Oprah Winfrey in the media sector. The youngest woman on the list? Pop-star Taylor Swift, who ranks in 64th place.
Forbes’ list puts the focus the women shaping our world. At a time when the pay gap between women and men still remains a recurring debate topic, this list is encouraging proof that a growing number of women are able to carve out successful career paths for themselves. Regardless of whether they work in the technology, finance or the luxury fashion industry, these 100 women can be heralded as role models.