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Many of us probably wish we could switch our job for another career and have one profession which has always stuck out as a dream job. YouGov has just published the results of a survey, which ranks the UK’s most desirable professions…and they’re not as luxurious or ambitious as you might think.
A total of 14,294 respondents from the UK, aged 18 or over, took part in the survey. The verdict? Results seem to suggest that the UK’s workers have literary or academic aspirations: the roles of author, librarian and academic made it to the top of the list as the three most desirable careers in the UK. Lawyer, meanwhile, came in fourth position. 

Source - YouGov

Contrary to what one might think, the research by YouGov reveals that the most desirable jobs are not ones that are necessarily associated with fame or a large salary. Rather, respondents opted for more conventional jobs, whilst more glamourous roles such as TV Presenter, Hollywood star or model ranked lower down the list.
Even though the top three preferences appeal to both men and women, the research is also indicative of the fact that career choices are dependent on gender. Women, for example, were 21% more likely to want to be interior designers than men. Men, on the other hand were more likely to want a career as train driver, Formula 1 driver or astronaut, with 20% of men being more likely to want a career in politics as a Member of Parliament. 

Do you share these career aspirations? Are you one of the people who would you like to explore space or write novels for a living?