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Image source - Pixabay
Online shopping has always been considered to be the factor which is revolutionising the world of retail, with brands, including fashion and luxury, focusing a lot of their attention on e-commerce. However new research suggests mobile shopping could be the next big thing.
Paypal teamed up with global market research company Ipsos, to look into the shopping habits of 17,600 shoppers in 22 countries worldwide. The study revealed, that whilst mobile shopping is still relatively new, it’s certainly a growing trend: “We are entering the era of ‘mobile-first’ and are at a juncture where mobile shopping is established but where there is still plenty of room to grow and for merchants to seize on this opportunity.” says the study. One third of mobile users have said to shop on their smartphones, with 64% of these consumers saying they have used apps to make a purchase. 

Overall purchases done on a smartphone account for 8% of online payments, closely followed by tablets at 6%. Laptops, desktops and notebooks in the meantime collectively constitute 86% of online shopping. However the report suggests that between 2013 and 2016 the average compound annual growth rate for mobile commerce is projected to be 42%, whilst e-commerce is only projected to grow by 13%. So who should be retailers be trying to attract when they make the shift to accommodating mobile payments? The largest category is the 18-34 age group, who represent 59% of mobile shoppers worldwide.
Luxury brands have been slightly slower at jumping on the e-commerce bandwagon but as people become increasingly dependent on their mobile phones, it looks like retailers across the board need to rethink how they approach e-shoppers by taking into account the rise of the mobile shoppers.