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We’ve all heard the expression “interview technique” and how mastering it - along with a good CV - will help you to get that job offer. The chairman of job site Reed and author of the book Why You? 101 Interview Questions You’ll Never Fear Again, James Reed, today published an article on City Am called “Ideal Interview: Why preparation is indispensable”.
The first point that Reed emphasizes is that to succeed in a job interview, it’s important not to be stressed. Preparation is key, he says: “That means preparation is vital, and the old adage “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” really does have relevance when seeking new jobs.” In the article for City AM he outlines four points that can alleviate stress and help you do well in a job interview.
The first step is what he call “standard preparation”. In short you should not leave everything until the last minute: pack everything you need (including CV, job description and contact names and numbers) at least a day before, and make sure you’re well rested.
The second point Reed makes is the importance of etiquette. It may sound obvious, but being punctual, polite and professional from the moment you arrive at a job interview makes all the difference. 
Reed’s third point is to be “more zen”. How do you achieve this? Don’t bother reading your preparation notes before the meeting, instead use the last few minutes to focus your thoughts on the situation.
Reed’s final piece of advice it to “be confident”, even if you do feel nervous. He explains that “Several surveys have shown that 33 per cent of bosses will know within 90 seconds if they are going to hire you.” He suggests a smile, “a firm handshake and make eye contact”.
Reed’s article “Ideal Interview: Why preparation is indispensable” offers a concise summary key things you should remember when going to a job interview. Following his steps can certainly help you improve your interview technique.