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Image - A Gucci trainer

Italian luxury label, Gucci, and American high-street label Guess are at loggerheads once again. The two companies appeared in a French court last week over Gucci’s claims that Guess has copied some of its trademarks.
The reason behind this long legal battle? Gucci is challenging Guess for the imitation of the trademark double “G” logo, the diamond pattern, as well as the use of a red stripe in some of its products.

Image - A Guess trainer
Over the past six years, Gucci has repeatedly legally challenged Guess, denouncing the label for copyright infringement. The luxury brand from Florence filed the case in 2009, with it being taken to court in New York in 2012, and again in Italy in 2014. Whilst the New York court ruled in favour of Gucci, condemning Guess to pay its opponent $4.7 million, the Milanese one rejected the Italian luxury brand’s claims.
On Friday the Court of Paris, with a panel consisting of three judges, ruled that there had been no infringement and cancelled some of Gucci’s registered trademark rights. In addition the Court rejected Gucci’s demand that Guess pay 55 million euros in damages, instead sentencing Gucci to pay the American label 30, 000 euros. “Gucci has lost some trademarks in the Italian case and now some in France as well. I continue to believe strongly that all these legal battles are a complete waste of time and this energy and money should be focused on business.” commented Paul Marciano, CEO of Guess. Gucci, however, sees thing in a different light and has announced it plans to appeal this ruling…it looks as though the battle is far from finishing any time soon.