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Image source - Pixabay

Those who haven’t yet had the chance to travel on JR Kyushu’s much talked-about Seven Star luxury train, which launched in Autumn 2013, need not fear about missing out. East Japan Railway Company, JR East, has unveiled images of it’s own new super-luxury sleeper train, Cruise. 
The Cruise train will be composed of 10 carriages and be able to carry up to a maximum of 34 passengers. It will consist of five suites and a deluxe suite, the latter being spread across two levels with its own lounge. Passengers will also be able to make use of a dining car and lounge.
Additional features include two observation cars with glass walls allowing passengers to fully enjoy the scenery, as well as a full view on to the tracks at the front of the train.

JR East are spending $50 million on the Cruise train and have called on Ken Okuyama to design it. Okuyama is best known for his work in the automobile industry, where he has been chief designer for General Motors, senior designer for Porsche and has also worked on some of Ferrari’s iconic models.
JR East’s prestigious offering will be launching in Spring 2017, giving passengers the possibility to experience Japan’s scenery from the comfort a luxury train.