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Image source - Pixabay
In an age where e-commerce reigns, e-tail sites are having to diversify and become more creative in order to keep ahead of the game.
E-commerce platforms such as Net-a-Porter are being pushed to think outside of the box. The company launched Porter at the beginning of the year, a high-end print magazine, which shapes and strengthens the company’s brand image and expands the customer’s consumer experience. The website is also diversifying it’s shopping experience, for example with the new Net-a-Sporter section, which, by focusing solely on sportswear, is a way of engaging with the consumer’s lifestyle. 
Yoox, the Italian retail site, is also a leader when it comes to luxury e-commerce: launched in 2000, Yoox’s net revenue was up by 25.3% in 2013, in relation to 2012, at 456 million euros. With a slogan of “shop fashion, design, art”, it’s now grown to be more than just a fashion retail site. It’s also about offering products that go hand-in-hand with fashion to create a lifestyle: the art platform was added in 2012 and design also accounts for a significant number of the site’s sales. In addition the website has an editorial side, a section called The New Yooxer, which helps to consolidate the entirety of the platform. The New Yooxer is a multimedia webzine, with insider information and news on fashion, art and design, which helps to bring the different strands together into a cohesive edit.
As digital mediums gain increasing influence, online platforms such as Net-a-Porter and Yoox are looking towards new methods to engage with customers, by creating a richer brand image and pushing a lifestyle out to customers.