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LVMH is one of the unavoidable names of the fashion industry; Donna Karan, meanwhile, counts as a pillar of the New York fashion scene. But in an interview with the The New York Times, the American designer revealed that working with the French-based luxury goods conglomerate wasn’t necessarily easy.
Donna Karan sold her company to LVMH in 2001, whilst retaining her role as creative director to both the main line, Donna Karan, and diffusion line, DKNY.
Talking to The New York Times, she said of LVMH: “I would love to work more with them, but Vuitton has given me the cold shoulder.” Part of the problem seem to stem from the fact that LVMH has not steered the brand in the right direction Karan hoped: “One of the appeals of the sale to LVMH is that they would have been the perfect partner in handbags, but instead they saw me as a fashion designer.”
For reasons which remain unclear, Bloomindales stopped stocking Karan’s main line six months ago, which leaves Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodmans as primary stockists for Donna Karan in the US.  But even though Donna Karan International may be facing a decrease in stockists at home, the diffusion line DKNY is proving to be popular with Asian consumers.

Despite these problematic relations, Donna Karan does not seem to think the relationship with LVMH will be coming to an end, whilst a spokesman from LVMH said that Karan’s “legacy endures”.